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Featured Courses - Summer 2012

CS M103G: Contemporary Chicano Theater: Chicano Theater since 1980

Analysis and discussion of Chicano theater since 1980, including discussion of Chicana playwrights, magic realism, Chicano comedy, and Chicano performance art. Letter grading.

Instructor: Jose Luis Valenzuela

CS 188-1: Latina/Latino Families in the U.S.

Interdisciplinary exploration of fictionalized depictions of Latina/Latino families as represented in contemporary coming-of-age Chicana/Chicano and Latina/Latino novels written by Latina/Latino authors. Readings made relevant by grounding them through supplemental socio-historical articles. Family is unit of analysis. Exploration of how differences of race, class, gender, sexuality, and topics of immigration, labor, and education, affect family members and roles within social construction of family. Study equally interested in equitable representation of Latina/Latinos in economy, law, environment, and education. Students acquaint themselves with tropes and topics in contemporary Latina/Latino literature (such as counternarratives and code-switching) while exploring social, political, economic, and cultural reasons why Chicana/Chicano and Latina/Latino literature remains important in deployment of empowered Latina/Latino subjectivities, families, and communities.

Instructor: Karina Oliva Alvarado


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