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2013-2014 UCLA Law Fellows Program Application

UCLA 2013-2014 Law Fellows Program Application  

The Program:

The Law Fellows Program provides early academic outreach to high-potential undergraduate, recently graduated, and graduate students with strong academic backgrounds and a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA at a four-year undergraduate institution. The program is committed to ensuring equity, access, and excellence in legal education. A strong preference is granted to applicants whose experiences reflect limited familial exposure to post-collegiate education, career opportunities, mentoring, and social support systems. Additional consideration is also given to applicants who have overcome economic and/or educational hardships and challenges, or come from, or have demonstrated experience in economically or educationally under-served communities. The Program focuses on students’ academic development, with the objective of increasing the participants’ academic competitiveness for admission to law school. Law Fellows are strongly encouraged to participate in outreach activities aimed at serving the various community segments of Southern California.

Law Fellows attend a series of Saturday Academies held at UCLA School of Law in the winter and spring, where they are provided with academic enrichment, career development activities and mentoring designed to de-mystify law school and the legal profession, and also present these objectives as viable options. The program prepares participating Law Fellows to successfully enter and excel in top law programs and, eventually, legal careers. Through the Saturday Academies, Law Fellows are afforded access to a variety of events, programs and services, including:

• Professional-Level Instruction by Law School Faculty

• Personalized Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) Action Plan

• Mentoring by Current UCLA Law Students

• Admissions, Financial Aid and Public Interest Law Workshops

• Legal Research Training by Law Library Staff

• Full Scholarships for LSAT Preparation Course

• Presentations by Practicing Attorneys and Leaders in the Law Community

• Follow-Up Activities and Counseling until Law School Matriculation

More Details on the Program


The initial deadline is October 15, 2013. Although we will continue to accept applications after the initial deadline, we highly encourage applicants to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure maximum consideration. The program activities will commence in January 2014, and admission decisions for the program will be made throughout December. If you are not able to access the application online, please provide us with your mailing address or fax number and we will send you a paper copy. For any additional information, please feel free to contact us at (310) 794-4157 or Please note that if you are no longer employed as a counselor, instructor, or organization coordinator, we would appreciate being referred to the person(s) who succeeded your position at the university. Thank you.  


Leo Trujillo-Cox
Executive Director of Outreach
UCLA School of Law

Tony Tolbert
Associate Director of Outreach
UCLA School of Law


Materials & The Application


Law Fellows 2013-14 PDF Application

Law Fellows 2013-14 Word Document Application

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