L.A.'s Judith Baca wins $50,000 Award, Breaking Ground for Mural Artists
November 12, 2015

Congratulations to Professor Baca for becoming the first muralist to win a Grant from the Unites States Artists association!

From the LA Times:

"Los Angeles mural artist Judith Baca was named Tuesday as the first muralist to win a grant from United States Artists since the nonprofit group began giving the $50,000 awards in 2006.

Baca, 69, said it’s the biggest cash award of her career, topping a Guggenheim fellowship she won in 2003. More important, she said, 'in a sense, it’s a legitimization of [mural art], which is a profound field in public art. I’m very happy to hear I’m breaking that ground.'

Baca’s works include "The Great Wall of Los Angeles," which stretches more than half a mile along Tujunga Wash, a concrete-walled flood control channel in the San Fernando Valley. She finished it in 1981, having led a team of about 400 people to create it."